Report: Seniors' Day-out to Organic Farm

This time, the morning exercise was special - with a beautiful sea view. Everyone joined in. 
Soon, we arrived at the vegetable farm. We were given an enriching lesson on the benefits of wheatgrass and edible cactus. Then it was shopping. Everyone joined in again - just look at the shopping bags. Bible says, "there's nothing new under the sun."
这次的早操很特别 - 背景是一个美丽的海景 ,大家都一起参与。
不久,我们到达了菜园,我们上了一课有关小麦草及可食用仙人掌益处的常识。接着我们就去逛商店,大家聚集在一起 - 只是看看商店里手提包。圣经说:“日光之下没有一件新事。”