Christmas Celebrations on Sunday 23 Dec 2018

It was a full day of simple celebrations - Children's Celebration (morning), Sunday Service and A Simple CGM Dinner.

Celebrations at the CGM Sunday School
It was games, songs, a skit, and more games.

The quite-usual Sunday Service
The pastor preached on how Joseph's best plan was suddenly and divinely upgraded to the Ultimate Plan of Love (based on Matthew Chapter 1.)

And when the service ended, everyone helped to setup the tables and chairs for the evening.

The Simple Christmas Dinner
We ate and chatted, like a gathering of old friends - it was good to have time to catch-up.
Songs and dances were performed, and gifts were exchanged.
As the dinner comes slowly to an end, we were taken back in time to the Shepherd's field through a skit -- a brief glimpse on the birth of Jesus, who is the reason for Christmas.