Youths Christmas "When Love was Born"

Youth Christmas on 21st December. [written by Whitney]
十二月二十一日青少年圣诞夜 (子莹撰写)

On that day, many friends came and we sang some Christmas songs and had a mini fun game being conducted by one of the cgmers (Jason) from young adult group.

Jason and Charlene shared about how God helped and changed their life.

Next up, 2 items each from youths and children.  The response was unexpectedly good! The youths and the children's effort finally paid off after a few tiring practices.

After the performances, all of us headed down to have some delicious food prepared by the young adults. And the gift exchange was indeed fun!!! :D
After eating, there were 2 booths - healing and know-your-future. Many friends visited and left a deep impression. Some stayed back to chat and know more about Jesus.
餐后,我们设立两个小摊位分别是------ 医治祷告和预知你的未来。许多朋友们去后都留下深刻的好印象。有些朋友留下来与我们聊天想了解更多有关耶稣的事。

To wrap up, we had a fun and fulfilling Youth Christmas. Many left with smiles on their faces. :)