Youths Overnight

Youths Overnight (19-20 December 2012)  青少年在外过夜。(12月19日-20日)
[By Whitney]

Before checking in, we went for cycling at Changi Beach. It was tiring but fun!
Around 1++, we played games like catch the thief, splat, know-more-about-each-other game and also not forgetting WATER BOMBS.

After all the games and drying up, we have to prepare food for bbq and as usual girls were in-charge of preparation of food andsome adults also stretched out their helping hands and it was much more faster to get all the of food to be ready for bbq. Guys were
in-charge of starting up the fire!

More cgmians came at around 8+ to enjoy the delicious food. After dinner, youths had to practice dance and singing for Youth Christmas
on 21st Dec. The practice was a success, and Youth Christmas gonna be a successful one too! :D

After practice and debrief, it was our free time! Sleep, play, talk, laugh and laugh!

The next morning, we had breakfast, clean/pack up and bus-ed back to cgm. :)