Countdown to 2014 - 倒数 2014

This must be the best way to turn our backs from 2013 to face 2014 - with praise and laughter. After a round of traditional "Follow the Leader", we gave thanks to God for His favour and presence and blessings through praise and sharing. The last song of 2013 was "主耶稣你真奇妙", sang with immense gratefulness.

"6...4..3..2..1.. Happy New Year!" No fireworks, but party poppers were great too! And messy!

We entered 2014 with loud gratefulness and laughter. After forming the prayer tunnel, Pastor Kevin led us to pray for each other. The celebrations continued deep into the night, as we celebrate love, family, joy....  hot dumplings and games!

When the Lord is with us, the wine continues flowing and it can only get better!

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