CGM 学生园地
Students' Centre

Mon to Fri 8.00 am to 6.00 pm 
(Other arrangements can be made.) 

Objectives 目标 

  • To take care of students before and after school hours.
  • 照顾上学前或放学后的学 生
  • Supervise students in their homework.
  • 督导他们做家课。
  • Build up good character and habits in all our students.
  • 建立孩子们的好品行。
  • Train students for a disciplined and independent lifestyle.
  • 培养孩子独立与自律的精 神学费 每月$262 

  • 收费 Monthly $262  
  • School Holiday Charges for activities and outings.  
  • 学校假期: 活动/外出将收额外费用

Schedule and Timings