Report: Seniors Outing to Gardens by the Bay

Under a gloomy sky, with more than 40 people altogether, we set off with heavy hearts. By the time we arrive, we were showered by the gentle sunshine. Some of us could not believe that the dark clouds cleared up over Gardens By the Bay! It was awesome!

在阴暗的天空下,我们一行四十多个人带着沉重的心情出发了。 当我们抵达目的地时,温暖的阳光照射着我们,有些人难以置信在滨海弯花园上空的乌云这么快就散去。真是太奇妙了!
We had a good time stretching and exercising our muscles. Some of us took a walk in one of the observaries, admiring the beautiful flowers welcoming us. Some chose to stay under the shade of the "Supertrees".


Thank You, Jesus!