2015 Jan - Seniors' Wednesdays

Serious and delightful exchange of thoughts at the cosy home of Aunt Liu. What else happens at Seniors' Meetups?

The body
Usually, they would start off with exercises and games.

The heart
Then, old songs accompanied by a gentle strumming of the guitar. Occasionally, someone would choose a Hokkien or Canton song.

A sharing session follows. Topics include how to have a healthy mind, healthy body, worries, and grandchildren!

The mind
The next thing is memory exercise. Recite, repetition and laughters.

The stomach
Kuehs, Paos, Beehoons, Coffee. 
Most of our seniors do not eat much, claiming that they have already taken breakfast, but they hang around chatting and sharing their thoughts.

Guess, which is their favourite activity?

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